interview with aaron belz

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Conducted by Millie Belz (9) while subject was working on something else more important; transcribed by Millie via pen and ink; April 14, 2012

+ + +

Millie: So how did you get inspired to be a poet?

Aaron: I don’t know.

Millie: You don’t know?

Aaron: No.

Millie: What have a recently done?

Aaron: Nothing.

Millie: Are you considered a good poet?

Aaron: Yes.

Millie: Are you a gorilla?

Aaron: Yes.

Millie: Have you ever had an interview?

Aaron: Yes. Quite a few. Too many.

Millie: How’s your work going?

Aaron: Fine. I guess.

Millie: Did you expect more in life?

Aaron: [pause] Quite a bit more.

Millie: Have you ever broken an arm.

Aaron: No. YES!

Millie: Do you like interviews?

Aaron: Mm-hmm.

Millie: What thoughts confuse you, about your work?

Aaron: Why I’m doing it.

Millie: What to you like most about your work?

Aaron: It’s all the same.

Millie: Is there anything you like about your work?

Aaron: Yeah. It’s creative.

Millie: Is there anything you hate about it?

Aaron: All the paperwork. [sigh]

Millie: Is there absolutely nothing you like about paperwork?

Aaron: Nothing.

Millie: Let’s continue this later, okay?

Aaron: Okay.

+ + +

One Response to “interview with aaron belz”

  1. “All the paperwork.” Made me laugh!

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