interacting w/the new poems

Saturday, December 29, 2012

“A roadside stand / off I-78” — aha yes great first line

“Like little forges for which the heart too often / gets mistaken” — great opener, great comparison

“If poetry could tell it backwards, true, begin / that moment shrapnel scythed” — yes yes this is good stuff

“I dropped the dying year behind me like a shawl” — aha yes been there, can’t wait to read the rest

“Colette’s heroine’s so sexually neglected she pushes her husband’s cat— / pussy, dear puss—off the balcony” — haha that’s clever, awesome, a bit clever but subtle

“The woman I love has gone / to bed early / so I can be alone in the living room” — all too recognizable experience esp. for the male poet, good work

“I stand, nude as a statue” — awesome simile here can’t wait to read more

“We checked the vents and hidden apertures of the house” — haha good for you, can’t be too careful, what else did you do

“A few days would pass, and, believing him / gone, we felt inexplicably better” — you were writing all this down I hope

“Relative of my father was a horse trainer, / had a horseshoe-nailing stand in the / principal street” — interesting, historically interesting, go on, go on

“You won’t come to bed because you’re / doing amphetamines again” — ohh yeah, boom everybody’s doing drugs now especially the over the counter stuff, world of pain

“The speaker was an actor, not hired to act / but to enliven topics” — oh seriously, hahaha i bet he/she was really wooden or out of place, go on

“They never looked like their snapshots, / the days when they were young and jaunty” — ooohh yes, true we all do age like this, btw love that ‘jaunty’

“Awake at 5:18, & happy / it’s possible / to touch your hair” — boom boom, hahaha can’t wait to read more of this one

“fog and snow childhood has forgotten its way / a fragment of wet sky blocks the window” — i’ve literally never read anything like this before, keep writing it please

4 Responses to “interacting w/the new poems”

  1. “Once upon a midnight dreary” never sounded so good

  2. belz Says:

    These lines may not be from Poe but are from celebrated poets such as C.K. Williams, Henri Cole and Matthew Dickman—and emerging poets such as Victor Hernandez Cruz, Janice N. Harrington, Joseph Salvatore, Anis Shivani and a couple of others. They’re from books published by Princeton, Norton, FSG, Graywolf (lots of Graywolf), Coffee House, and Boa. I think they’re probably typical of what’s coming out now, for better or worse. The way i’ve framed them above is not really fair, as I’ve pulled them out of context / recontextualized them in my own snarky way. But it was fun, in any case.

  3. belz Says:

    I do not like green eggs and poetry.

  4. Don Says:

    “Let me ask you something, Shonda.”

    (Oh shit who’s Shonda I’m fascinated)

    “The grainy ice lies nicely, nicely”

    (damn, dog, you totes defamiliarized ice for me, it’s alive again for the first time)

    “Beautiful man looking around”

    (tell me more about this man, I suspect he is beautiful in a totally new and intriguing way. Do you think he is single)

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