Saturday, May 18, 2013

    by Natalie Belz

Let me go back to the earth
Let my body fall, limp and lifeless
To the ground.
Where the soft soil
Might swallow me.
Let the weeds and tall grasses
Grow up beside me.
Let their roots burrow in my skull.
Let their long blades
Weave blankets.
Slowly and silently
Wrap about my body
To hide nature’s work,
To leave life around me oblivious,
To let the world forget me.

Let my limbs decay,
Let me grow every day
Slowly deeper into the earth.

Let me go
Back to the cycle of life
Back to the roots of the trees,
Let me rest in the clay
Be at peace in the cool shade
For the rest of eternity.
Let me fall to the earth
And let the world go on.


One Response to “burrow”

  1. restorel66 Says:

    Lovely! “to hide nature’s work…let me go…back to the roots of the trees.”

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