status chic

Monday, October 21, 2013

What’s the status of the statues?
According to what statutes may we

remove them, or themes—such as
“it’s complicated American Dream”?

Or a day full of self-celebrating—
“the selfie that got away.” Mais oui,

I do have a screenplay no one’s interested in
about themes that don’t actually exist,

such as human-to-human forgiveness,
supporting a narrative that can’t happen,

like you returning to me. Like yeah.
I’d liked the pic of your homely cousin

who’d won something at a church social,
yet still, as in the case of the naked gambler,

no dice. As in the frozen circuitry,
node ice. Not even grandfathered in.

Hate it that I’m compelled to think this way
about you, about all of it, after watching

it turn to shit, my adolescent shorty
the former, the diminutive but not the lesser.

Let’s leave life’s lease to the lessor,
then, amended only as noted above.

Let each strike out on his own,
severally—which is to say, crazy in love.


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