down to chill

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hey are you going to be anywhere at any point

Lol not really

Not really as in never or just right now

Not really right now and I’m busy this week

Oh okay I am too how about next week

Won’t be around next week

Oh okay are you down to chill at some point though

Lol sure you need to back off a little

Just wondering lol

Oh its okay

Are you going to be somewhere sometime though

Not really I’m going to Spain

I thought you went to school here

It’s a school thing I’m going to be in Spain

Oh okay maybe when you get back if you’re going to be around

I’m going to be around when I get back for sure

Are you down to chill when you get back

That is so weird who works six months out like that

I don’t know I was just wondering

What do you want from me

Nothing really I just wanted to see if you want to hang at some point

You have an interesting way of defining words lol

What do you mean by that

You like to stretch them out and make them weird

Didn’t mean to

It feels like you want something from me

You mean because I’m wondering if you want to hang

Just the way you’re saying it

How so

Over and over like a crazy person

I guess I don’t know how to speak to people


Or think about things


I might be a rock or a tree stump actually


I am going to drink moonlight for awhile now ttyl

Omg you cannot be serious

I am

What about chilling

I no longer want to

May I drink moonlight with you


Why not

Just need to be alone


2 Responses to “down to chill”

  1. restorel66 Says:

    I might be a rock or a tree stump actually…delightful line that surprised

  2. […] the poems aloud to one another, trying out new emphases and slants. We particularly loved “Down to Chill,” though it seemed like each person had a favorite. I still enjoy “Crush,” (which […]

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