for halvo on his bday

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I wouldn’t say that you eat books, Dr. Halvorson.
I wouldn’t say that you eat French monks, either.
But there is something interesting about your head,

and not that it is large and rectangular, but that its eyes
and teeth brighten so readily at the mention not only
of books and monks but of morning canyon jogs

and soccer practice, and of your beautiful bride,
and of beers with the boys. There’s an omnivorousness
in your head, Derek Halvorson, an omnivorousness

that is more than just obvious or patently obvious,
yet it is not without a necessary executive steadiness.
I don’t know, man. You’re just a neat guy.

You like to kick it in a new pair of wingtips,
to feel that shine light up your mind and soul,
you like to clop down the hallway in painted klompen,

and I wouldn’t say that you go back to your office
and get out a fork and knife and eat those klompen,
but that’s just the thing! No one knows what you do in there!

So you keep getting older, and—best case scenario—
don’t change a thing about the way you are.
Keep delighting in everything. You’re well-loved, bro.


[Commissioned by subject’s spouse, Dec. 2011]

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