the butterfly

Wednesday, April 23, 2014



Large butterfly
fluttering by
the trellis: I name
you “Andrea.”
I had named
your friend “Karen,”
but she got
sucked into
a vent fan.

Andrea, where
is your lunch box?

And why are
you wearing skis?



Funny, I had named
the former owner

of this ungodly huge
cocoon “Papilionidae Rex,”

but he planted himself
in the garden.

I hope you’re next,
Vent Fan Man.



What lesson have we learned?



One Response to “the butterfly”

  1. ErinOhMy Says:

    I think poetry with humor is one of my new favorite joys in life and your poetry usually puts a smile on my face. I can’t get the lines “I hope your next, Vent Fan Man” out of my head. It’s clever and biting.

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