love writing!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I love writing, because I love you! I love the way you read and laugh quietly to yourself!  I love the weird smirk you get when you come across something you don’t understand!  I’m not even certain of the idiom “come across,” but I do love writing, maybe especially poetry writing!!  Poetry writing affords one an opportunity to sport an arch tone! Maybe not “sport” there, but perhaps “flex”!! I love to flex arch tones until the cows come home, and to do so in my #1 favorite form of writing, and that is poetry!!! Hey if you don’t “get” my love of poetry, stop on by!  Let’s do the do!  I’ll hook a broster up!!!  THIS IS FOR REAL!!!!

•  •  •


2 Responses to “love writing!”

  1. mdiber05 Says:

    Belz, you is nuts. But I’ll keep an eye out because sometimes you is interestin’ period

  2. Thisgirl Says:

    Come across meaning you found it or stole it. Oh! “sport” to “flex” Great job! On the versatility of the show off translation.Your, ebonics let’s write those together.I’ll get at you.

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