our bike shop

Friday, May 6, 2016

Three years ago, my son and I started a bicycle repair shop in Hillsborough, NC. It was the riskiest enterprise I’ve ever undertaken—but also the best, hugely helpful for not only my son and me, but also for his sisters, as it gave all of us a central gathering point in town. A place to work, a place to hang out. A place to walk back to after doing other stuff.

Right now we’re at a crossroads. Do we keep doing backalley repairs, or do we grow? We want to grow! I’ve done my best to tell the story – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-hillsborough-bicycle-grow-on-its-3rd-birthday#/story

Our customers have been AMAZING over the years. More than 500 people have brought almost a thousand bikes through our door, some for a new inner tube, most for a basic or mid-level tuneup. Sometimes we rebuild an entire bike.  Once we even restored a 19th-century penny farthing.

Would you please consider supporting our fundraiser?  We started the shop on the strength of an Indiegogo fundraiser, and we currently have NO DEBT.  We want to keep it that way, and we want to expand.


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