Monday, August 15, 2016

I have a friend who knows
a little something about everything
and is, thankfully, willing to add
his two cents to every conversation.

“My narwhal’s misbehaving,” I
mutter one day. “Ah,” he chimes in,
“Have you tried jiggling its tusk?”
He has owned several narwhals

and been to a number of shows.
His familiarity with book titles
is unmatched: “Have you read
Escape from Jeff the Killer yet?”

When I suggest it is a Minecraft
map he tilts his head and smiles:
“It’s also a book by Will Schofield,
limited edition from Leaf Storm Press.”

I have a friend who loves food
so much there’s nothing he hasn’t
prepared for every type of eater.
“Borscht for toddlers? Add beetroot,”

he says, “Strange as that may sound.”
What about for Peruvian toddlers,
I ask. Try wheat germ, he suggests,
and hops in a small blue Honda

from which blue smoke belches
as he drives off toward JC Penney
to return a 12” classic satchel
assembled from royal claret leather.

• • •


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