ah yes

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I have a date tonight with a version
of myself that’s 5 IQ points higher
and talks 10% faster. His

name is Aaron Belz, and he works
at a love clinic outside Fresno.
You ask, what’s outside Fresno?

So I’ll tell you, it’s the 99,
and it goes up to Modesto.
Anyway, my date was garbage, because

I couldn’t follow what I was saying,
and I kept crying on and off
like a girl. Well, I say “girl,”

but I mean perfect human who has no
flaws, and no, Belz tells me (or informs
us, as in the case of this poem),

that isn’t redundant, but then
I started sobbing again. It’s like
one guy can’t contain all the sweetness

and smartness and hope and happiness
he was given, so he’s two guys, one
just a titch smarter—kind of like,

well, to be honest, your mom.
And your FACE. I’m sorry to be shooting
so straight with you here at the end.




2 Responses to “ah yes”


    This poem made me laugh.However,I think the message is,why should people let the hangups and doubt’s they think about themselves. Block them from showing their authentic self. Morever, being that she continues to hide, people will not be able to see how great of a person she really is or say what you mean and mean what you say.

  2. mdiber05 Says:

    It made me laugh, too and I felt like I wasn’t supposed to. Maybe it was admitting to finding your mother inside yourself. I think that shocks my sons, too! 😏 I like the way you can put ‘real talking’ into meter. It’s like a little delightful surprise. I realize these are old poems. Somehow when I got on WordPress this morning I ended up reading about old people in my life, like your Grand Mother. It felt good to think about those memories.

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