joy to joy

Thursday, September 29, 2016

How luv chart started was, one day
they were losing track:

Each spike and doldrum went unrecorded
like spikes and whorls of both

flowers and fingerprints. Ah yes,
she was like, “My sepals and stipules

you’ve trended into; let’s set aside ‘luv
chart’ more for dear memory’s

sake than for our land’s, before
we were the land—” Again, the man

replied, I will draw it. Daily will
I mark it. You do your part and so far

no big complaints from either party.
“If fear, or pain, or grief be thy

portion, go back deep in mirror
and remember me there, therefore

the touch, the white, white teeth,
and the frivolous crest of hair.”

• • •

One Response to “joy to joy”

  1. Edward Nudelman Says:

    Wow lovely

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