The Very Best

Thursday, November 3, 2016

I tried to put my best foot forward
(“better foot forward”? Sorry), but
my worst (“worse”?) foot objected.
Not literally, obviously, but
it did feel tingly for a sec.
Trying to think of other contexts
in which feeling tingly is the same
as objecting, and I’m coming up empty.
You at the back of the room
with your hand raised, you
have some insight into this?
Tell us about that unraised hand.
Tell us about your unclosed eye
and why it’s looking off to the side.
Truth is, forward and backward,
best and worst, these categories
are socially constructed and subject
to the flux that fucks us up over time.
Real life is more like a waterfall
of sugarfree fudge. You’re not allowed
to eat it, but you can do other stuff.

• • •

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