I Derive Joy

Monday, November 14, 2016

I derive joy from music—and
from art. And also from visiting
large, old buildings of historical

significance. I derive joy from food,
the eating thereof, and from
watching Will Ferrell acting

the horse’s ass on a TV screen
late at night—and I like to board
aeroplanes early in the morning.

I derive joy from driving my car
through rain to points unknown,
or hitherto unknown, and getting

out of my car and walking
around in said rain, provided
I am adequately outfitted for such

activities. And I generally am.
I am generally ready, on time,
adequately clothed and shod

for whatever lies before me. Are you?
From what do you derive joy,
and are you prepared for it?

• • •


2 Responses to “I Derive Joy”

  1. Jerah Kirby Says:

    This one is the best one.

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