This Morning

Thursday, December 22, 2016

This morning gangsters visited.
They said “We want you to join our gang.”
They were huddled around my front door
cupping their hands and blowing into them
because it was so cold outside.
They were glancing at each other like,
did we even knock on the right door?
In the street a blue minivan was idling.
“What kind of gangsters are you?” I asked.
“We’re from around the way” they said,
“So will you join us or not?”
I must have seemed indecisive because
one of them handed me a business card.
“Call us when you make up your mind”
he said. They trotted back to the van
and got in and slammed the front doors
and slid closed the rear doors till
they clicked which seemed to test
their patience, and as they drove off
I could hear a warning chime as if one
of the rear doors hadn’t shut all the way,
so the driver pulled over, and there
was some shouting and fiddling with
the doors, and then they were off
again, the warning chime still sounding,
but I guess they were too proud or angry
to stop a second time to try to fix it.

• • •

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