Land of Opportunities

Saturday, December 24, 2016

      Upon the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump

Low pay, long hours—we’re used to these words.
We know China is killing our factories,
and we know Liberals are flipping us the bird.
What happened to our “Land of Opportunities”?

Not any more will those lefties make fun of us,
no more will the media make us look dumb,
no longer will our machinery sputter and rust—
we now have a hero named Donald J. Trump!

It’s time to oil the dynamos and gizmos again,
time to fire them up and man them;
we’re going to make American great again
and you can’t do that by being random!!

Very specifically, then, will we rebuild,
including a big wall across the South
to keep out illegals with their hands in the till,
who are taking food out of our children’s mouth.

We will stop giving money away to the poor,
as though money just grew on trees
or we could just decide to print more.
We will stop funding schools and universities.

We’ll rebuild the Walmarts with display cases of bullets,
we’ll build private prisons and fill them with Muslims,
we will rebuild the Great Clips that only do mullets,
and we’ll give jobs to races who actually does thems

and not to the people who might be dangerous.
We will make this again a land of Law and Order
with deer and antelope and homes on the ranges.
It will be a little bit like the land of Mordor

with Sauron watching from his giant tower
and his riders always out on patrol.
Donald J. Trump will restore National Power
and get everything back under Control!!

So this inauguration is a major celebration,
A first step in making our great country great.
Soon we will have a butt-kickin’ nation
Even if it means using a little bit of hate.

Let’s all raise a glass to Mr. Donald Trump,
the guy who put this awesome plan together.
And raise another glass to his cabinet,
who arrived just in time to enjoy this fair weather!

• • •

4 Responses to “Land of Opportunities”

  1. Stephen Hyde Says:

    I think he’s talking about you. I could be wrong.

  2. Daniel Ryan Says:

    Which will it be, the wild west of mullets and bullets, or an Orwellian Mordor?

  3. belz Says:

    Excellent question!

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