No More Facebook

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

No more Facebook, no more Twitter.
No more sound bites, no more video clips,
no more news, headlines, no more hot takes,
no more spin, no talk, no more info debris,
no more social media funhouse mirror
making little things big for a while and then
dropping them out of view, no more no more
detritus, social gab, rumors, news pegs,
no more stories, pieces, essays, no more clicks,
no links, no more browsing, no scanning,
no more eyeballs, views, no traffic,
no more information, no more, this is not
the way to cultivate the mundane day
this forming of a consciousness at one level,
one narrow frequency of what some editors
somewhere and internet people somewhere
think is important, No more of that:

I will cultivate the mundane day
by hugging my friends, writing a poem,
by walking my dog across crunchy leaves
by sitting on my front porch watching
cars go by, no more of the frenetic
jabber the ticker tape the news, the news,
no more “Did you hear who died today?”
No more “Did you hear a bomb went
off, and do you know what it portends?”
No more stocks and politics and words
Nothing on fleek or on sale, nothing
terribly amazeballs or shopping or email
No more slideshows no more pics
no earbuds no Venmo, no digital uploads,
no Netflix, no Hulu, no scrolling, no,
No trending memes, no hashtags,
No more, nothing, please nothing,

I will cultivate by sitting alone;
We will sit around our kitchen table
and play board games, maybe, and discuss
our lives like civilized 1990 humans
We will enjoy one another sincerely, really,
in real life, as we once did, face to face.

• • •

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