“Evening at the Bistro”

Monday, January 30, 2017

Well what did you think love was,
a still from some Cubist film
shot through w/gold leaf and glitter
? In which you and he are the tilt
of a hat, curls of smoke in a beam
of light and a whispered “Love
u” somewhere in the air,
lips barely touching lips
, fixed forever, or affixed—

by your unwillingness
to let go of that moment, because
love must not be allowed to lapse,
or rather, it is only that which has
lapsed, and therein lies its awfulness?
So it can only be the one glance.
Are you dead? Have such loves
pinned you to your past?

What did you think love was,
“that which by definition cannot last,”
or maybe “that which I know but
can’t resist” ? For his part he can say
you were beautiful in your changes
and in your stillness, a woman complete
in sorrow and in the way her eyes
stare, for his part he tells me
you were not a moment but the
dynamic of the work, its ongoingness.

• • •

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