Learning to See

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I had forgotten to read. Not how to—to.
It was a time of deep personal vexation
was what I told myself. I checked my phone.
Typed madly at my laptop. I’d
forgotten to listen, not completely
but deeply—to my children, friends, ex-wife.
Her friends, my pastor, our neighbors.

I couldn’t hear anything, and now I’m learning
to read and to hear again, and to that end
I did Walgreens’ buy-one-get-one reading glasses
deal. Somehow during those fast years
I’d also forgotten how to see. Not totally
but up close, and that’s just what I need now—
to learn to be close again and know what’s there.

• • •

2 Responses to “Learning to See”

  1. Erik A. Osterberg Says:

    Thank you for this poem. May I borrow a few lines for my Lenten confession? Promise my priest won’t repeat anything. I think there’s a rule against it, or something.

  2. belz Says:

    Yes of course! Would you send me the whole confession when you’re finished writing it?

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