Depth of Field

Thursday, February 23, 2017

She took a close-up shot of all
the blue and purple in the yard,
our old brick house blurry
in the background—posted it—
her friends replied with hearts.

When I explained the growth
was broadleaf weeds she said
she didn’t care. It’s beautiful,
and we should keep as-is.
I said they’re henbit, corn

speedwell, some dandelions
too, and if we don’t treat them
they will obstruct the grass.
She said but they’re so small.
I said but they won’t last,

they bloom just for a minute
as spring is coming on; she asked
what does the yard guy say?
I called him, and he advised
Let the Lord do his thing.

Let the Lord make it green,
he will, that’s how he works,
he does his thing, it all gets
green. We can treat the weeds,
reseed and fertilize, or wait.

I thought hard for us all—
my only hesitation being
I didn’t want the grass to fail.
Then told the yard guy, we will
wait and see what the Lord does.

• • •

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