Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My supervisor is a woman.
Her supervisor is a woman,
as is her supervisor’s supervisor.
Even the CEO of my company
is a woman.

My mom is a woman.
My sister is a woman
as is her only child, Hannah.
My dad is generous and strange
and loves my mom and Hannah
and my sister, makes his
place among them.

My aunts are all women.
My cousin Emily is a woman,
as are my triplet cousins:
Heidi, Laura, and Anna.
So is my cousin Collyn,
and all five of Aunt Esther’s
children are women.

Grandma Belz
was a woman.

Closer to home,
my spouse is a woman.
My daughters are women.
Even my town, situated as it is
in a small valley
through which a river flows,
is a woman.

Fire is a woman.
Waters are women. All
weather and natural disasters
are women. The only things
that are men are a Brontosaurus
and the Washington

I guess a policeman’s nightstick
is also a man, as is my dog,
my sweet German shepherd,
who lays his head
on a woman’s feet
and snores.

As I think about it,
all that I love and that brings
me peace is a woman.
A man cannot bring
what a woman
can bring.

• • •

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