Gods Playing Poker

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pizza, like spaghetti, is a yellowish
place with meaty red circles on it and
greasy sauce intermingled with it much like
my friend Jeremy’s face in middle school
a yellowish face with red circles
and greasiness

Spoiler alert—Jeremy’s older now,
the CEO of Betterment Solutions LLC
which while it employs only two
employees both are ambient, future-
driven, multichannel and I would add
lithe and sort of cute

But to my point, or to yours,
food is basically a pale context
in which darker nuggets flourish, tease
us with their succulence until we fork or
finger them into our face vacancies
and then masticate like no one’s watching

When in fact Jeremy and his associate
are watching through a minicam
and scribbling notes with all the intensity
of several monkey behavior scientists
recently featured on NatGeo, by which
of course I mean lather, rinse, repeat

• • •

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