Thursday, May 18, 2017

You think of your Facebook
as the Place Where the Affairs
of the World are Arbitrated,

but you’re right: It’s actually
your time on the toilet
that yields best insight,

and thank you for sharing it
So Vociferously with others—
of all ages—and their mothers.

Hey, once you’ve hammered
each thought into postable
gold, you can sit back and watch

the world get educated,
well, YOUR world. Of your
friends. Well, your world

of “friends,” for certainly none
or few of them whiffed
the poo you let flee

while you edited and re-
edited said post that’s drawn
16 comments. More to come

between now and dawn,
no doubt. Get some rest,
you Juggernaut of Socials!!!

Whether your readers are local
or at a distance, “you’re
making a difference.”

• • •

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