Spoken Word Poem

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bananas are bananas are
bananas are
my parents who don’t
get what I do online or let’s face it
offline because they are bananas or
parents or
always offline always on
meds always off topic always on
the way to the store or on the way home
my parents, my


and when I see them my heart
and my mind turn to
bananas the
bananas of my youth
of running around underfoot or

riding my bike to the parents
to the
bananas to school to Star Wars
lunchbox and isn’t it the same way with


you and me

we are always online always
searching seeking looking trying-to-find
not finding not locating not
knowing who
we are

because let’s face it

because that’s the way we were

“that’s just the way it is
some things will never change”
ah but
don’t you believe them

Hey little boy
where are your parents

are your


• • •

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