Can’t Right Now

Monday, July 17, 2017

I can’t right now, I’m having the piping
on my party blazer primped.

I’m making lunch for my ex’s mom.
I’m making mayonnaise treats on the yacht.

I can’t, I’m going shopping with Lyle Mays.
I meant to say, Lyle Lovett. Tate & Lyle.

Hey, it’s none of your agribusiness
why I’m too busy right now, I just can’t.

I’m serving tea at the tennis date.
Serving it on doilies. In the nude.

I have to get my jet skis waxed in time
for Canada Day. I can’t, and I’m

not trying to be extremely rude,
but I have to pack for Mozambique.

I’m meeting Seth there later this week.
I can’t, I have to study for finals

because finals are coming up. Finals
are later this week. Hey, honey,

it’s none of your beeswax why I can’t
right now, I just can’t, and this isn’t mere

cant, or snivellery, or bombast,
I really am not able to at this moment.

• • •

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One Response to “Can’t Right Now”

  1. slntplanet1 Says:

    Made me smile, Aaron. Thank you.

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