Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Imagine if each
rose planted near me
had its own iPhone

imagine them mulling
but unable to move

Nor can I, a bush,
go inside—or anywhere—
when it rains

The trees
at least bear fruit
(some of them)

but all I
produce is bunches
of waxy leaves

A rose is a rose;
or a rose by any other
name; roses

attract poetry but I,
flowerless and fruitless,
attract nothing

but caryatids—
Wait, I mean

True we share
this plot with three
lovely caryatids

They need no phones,
their gazes are lifted;
they have no hands

• • •

2 Responses to “Roses”

  1. Edward Nudelman Says:

    Best iPhone poem I’ve ever read;
    “they,” for “the,” last stanza…
    and perhaps a comma, for music.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. belz Says:

    Done and done! Thanks, Edward.

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