Seth (“Someone”)

Friday, October 27, 2017

“Someone,” says no-one, for who
would say just that? My boo
says “Something” sometimes
to ease the tension our Catahoula
creates by barking nonstop,
but that’s way different—a polar
bear of another stripe, as they
maybe say. “Somehow,” Mom
says, “Your dad will cease
supergluing things in the crawlspace.”
We’re all supposed to laugh,
but I excuse myself to forage
for comestibles that might suffice
for dinner-time—taste nice.
“No-one,” says someone
on the radio tonight while our
guts turn loads of Ted Drewes
like ancient satellite dishes
half-buried in Alaskan snow,
“and nothing can stop us now,”
except, I add, the zero-bears
who, white as fuck, stand
mute witness to our camp’s ill-
planned perimeter. We dare neither
exit nor reminisce too loudly
nor breathe, even, but evenly,
my boo and me, our one something
formed as on two frequencies untuned.

• • • 

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