Rumination from Hell

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

There’s a fine line between “fine line between”
and other clichés that might be less accurate,
such as “might be less accurate” which,
while it might not qualify as a cliché, does capture
a certain idiomatic construction, as does “might not
qualify as a” blank; you know, fill in the blank.
But is there a fine line between “fill in the blank”
and other ways of casually expressing variables
in conversation—or a broad one? “Let’s grab
lunch at fill in the blank” versus “Let’s grab lunch
at wild card” or “placeholder.” Seems like a broad
plank in one’s own eye as opposed to a speck
in one’s brother’s. Brothers, I expect your planks
to appear even larger due to perspective.
PerSPECtive. And by “Speck” i mean your phone case.
That’s your phone: just in case. Fine line there.

• • •

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