Friday, June 22, 2018

The two best countries
are Canada and Japan.

The two best artists ever
are Picasso and Van Rijn,

or possibly Van Eyck.
The two best houses are

the Biltmore House in NC
and the White House in D.C.

The two best cars ever
are Blue Streak and the first Model T.

The two best people in history
are Jesus and Lincoln.

The two best roads are
the Autobahn and Route 66.

The two best inventions in history
are the pencil and the wristwatch.

The two best ideas ever
are the dictionary and the fireplace.

The two best sentences are
“Today you will be with me

in Paradise,” and “It was the best
of times, it was the worst of times.”

The two best moments in history
are when George Washington refused

to lie to his father, and when Kirk
Gibson homered off Dennis Eckersley.

The two best brands of ice cream
are Peveley and Briar’s.

The two best brands of shoes
are Ecco and Nike.

The two best trains are
the F to Brooklyn and China’s Iron Rooster.

The two best words are
“translucent” and “piloting.”

The two best birds
are canaries and mourning doves.

(May, 2001)

• • •

One Response to “Piloting”

  1. Ed Nudelman Says:

    Perfection (not a great word)

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