Stop Looking at Me

Friday, July 6, 2018

The biggest key to success
is knowing what’s what.
The biggest key to what’s what,
however, is grasping who’s who.

Master that and you’re
in the master class reserved
traditionally for masters
and others of their ilk.

So success sort of sucks,
because you think you’ve nailed it
and there’s another sucker
or two buying what you’re selling,

and suddenly you’re no longer
on top of the human pyramid
but in its squirming middle
hanging onto a hanging handle

like the elderly subway rider
no one will cut a break.
The aged pedestrian beset
by Nobody Beats the Wiz bags

en route to the randomest
bat mitzvah money can buy.
The biggest key to getting out
from up under is knowing

whose whistle to wet
and at what precise moment.
That and really cut back on TV
Really, really cut back on TV.

• • • 

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