Your Child’s Photo

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Your child’s photo on the internet
looks like a photo of a small
wildebeest in the gloaming.

Not to be mean, but your child’s
pate, bald in the backyard sun,
gleams like a frisbee,

and that’s not all: Your children,
in a group shot, look haggard
and unfed. Unified but feckless

the way Cold War Russkies
used to look. In their own semi-
formal way—reckless.

When your daughter was a baby
you posted a shot that said
“Meet Anna Grace!”

The thing I noticed most
was that infant’s face.
She has grown up, however,

in the intervening years.
Her head is now (how’s this
possible?) 30 percent ears.

It’s not you, it’s not
your spouse: Nor even is it
your child. It’s your tendency,

old acquaintance, to post
photographs you should have,
IMHO, just filed.

• • •

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