Vote Now

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Democratic participation, per se,
is a panacea for demagoguery?

Not really. “Well, both yes and no,”
adds The Council for the Right to Vote;

“The thing is,” they editorialize,
“It shows we’re in the same boat.”

Shows? More like indicates.
And often, I would wager, lies

about the status of X or Y “voter”
who shows up in a sack suit

and straw boater. These Xs and Ys
might roil the numbers under

Candidate So-and-So’s projected
tally plunder, but what they do not do,

for all this city’s butchery and hoggery,
for its piles of blood-seeping offal—

is cure demagoguery.
So, at the diminishing edge

of the homebound post-game crowd
where there are fewer souls,

enjoin yourself, or your neighbor
at least, to vote. That much, at least.

• • •

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