An Italian Breeze

Thursday, November 1, 2018

People ask me, So Aaron,
how did you become the world’s
most beautiful man?

I have trouble finding words
to respond: You? Want ME?
To speak on behalf of this or that group?

No, comes the answer, sounding
like a song on an Italian breeze.
No, we just want to know

how you were named #1 man
in the globe when it comes to looks.
Ah, I reply. So this isn’t a spokesperson

request. Mostly what I’m getting now
is requests to be a spokesmodel
for this or that group.

It’s so humbling.
Almost as humbling as the enormous
amount of money I make these days.

• • •

One Response to “An Italian Breeze”

  1. Leslie Sanazaro Says:

    I don’t say it enough, sir— your words bring humor and lightness to my days. Thank you. ❤️


    Sent from my iPhone


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