Four Jarheads

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Four jarheads
decided to forge ahead
with some of their crackpot
ideas, and you won’t
believe what happened next
but not because what happened
is so hard to believe
but because you’re cynical.
Just as every nickel
of cigarette and alcohol tax
is a “sin nickel” so also, my
brothers, do you preen
and wince while you disobey
the same God who instilled
in you a sense of wonder
you continue to defy,
and these four marines
stranded in a cave play out
out their oddball drama
on its walls as though, well,
it were okay to deify
the meta meta meta. As though
the Creator-creature relationship
were entirely wily, not
at all smiley. Smileless, that is,
though not at all simile-less.

• • •

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