To a Pig

Thursday, September 24, 2020

To a dog, a pig ear can be a long-lasting treat.

To a pig, however, a pig ear is something to hear with

OR a long-lasting treat. Pigs don’t discriminate. 

They don’t “see color” so to speak, and they chew

what they’re given. But they’re also foul-smelling. 

Their escapades land them in mud, among maggots,

snouts buried deep under rain-rotten logs

and sometimes even human remains. This final

consideration should give us pause. Humans often

think of themselves as better than pigs, but are we? 

To a dog, a human is a good friend, or can be.

A human can also be a dog’s compassionate killer

if that dog has cancer, say, or spontaneous 

degenerative polioencephalomyelopathy

spongy degeneration of the brain’s gray matter.

NOT something you want afflicting your litter. 

• • •

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