Wise Sayings

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Don’t step on a burning rat when you’re wearing gasoline sneakers.

Most forms of folly can be boiled down to one common principle.

If you try—and I mean really try hard—you’ll find you are good at something.

Steer clear of stress whenever possible.

Old friends newly annoying? There could be a solution.

A home has two entrances but three—mark my words—three exits.

Sometimes God closes a door to reduce the draft. Of sinful thoughts.

Pay a nickel for a popsicle, but be ready to pay a dime. Yeah. Life works that way.

Experts will tell you to save money. I essentially agree with that advice.

Sugar is sweet. Friendship is sweeter. Circulating hateful lies might be the sweetest of all.

Don’t dwell on the past. Dwell on the floors of your home.

Ph.D. stands for “doctor of philosophy,” and pH d stands for “acid dick,” but what in the world is HUD?

Don’t put all your chickens in the same hat, friend-o.

Just remember. What you’re going through now is super hard.

Certain wise sayings are less helpful than others, my son.

Yes, “timely” means punctual. When we say “timeless,” though, we mean just that.

Stop hyperfocusing on KPIs. Are you a good person?

“Get with the program” is only as valuable as what you mean by “program.”

Words only mean so much. Beyond them lie other sorts of things.

A man once asked me “How, sir, should I enter heaven?” I shrugged, “Frankly, friend, buy a different pair of shoes.” I was speaking metaphorically.

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