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Thursday, June 22, 2017


My Children

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

One of my children
flew to Korea.

One started building a picnic table
and then collapsed in a Grand Mal seizure—
and then finished building
the picnic table.

One collected blackberries
and wrote a poem
(she mostly
stays at home).

I’m just saying, you can’t parent
these people. I mean,
you can try.

But they will do as they do,
and that will be
okay with you.

I’ll say this, too.
I love all three so much
I would gladly give my life
so that they could continue theirs,
however unpredictably
they’ll go.

May I diminish
while they grow.

• • •


Monday, June 19, 2017

One thing that no longer appeals to me—
at all—is hedonism. I have washed it
from my life like inexpensive shampoo.
I have rinsed it from my smooth body
like the green apple body wash.
Hedonism not only no longer appeals
to me, it no longer applies to me.
Like the banks of fluorescent lights
buzzing over the high school gym,
so cold and remote yet still luminous
pure pleasure has become. The lights
that strobe sporadically as high tops squeak
and coaches’ whistles chirp, echoing
and answering, during the big game of big
boy bodies! From the game of pleasure
have I now fouled out. See me
on the bench with a white towel
around my neck. See how I dry my face
with one end of the towel. How
disappointed my parents and sister must be.
Ready for a more necessary shower
I now am, and then to A&W for a cone,
and then to home and homework
and then, before brushing teeth:
Hedonism’s promise descended
into the hotter buzz of the bug zapper
hanging outside over our back deck,
near a resin chair where I now sit
smoking one of Dad’s Marlboros before bed.
One cigarette I snuck is now my night’s
last light, a lighted cherry dwindling:
a stubbed theme, no vision,
starless night—brush teeth and go to bed.

• • •

Make Informed Decisions

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

One thing I like to do
is make informed decisions.
Or rather, one thing
I like to make
is informed decisions.
I also like to achieve goals
with metrics and KPIs.
Imagine my delight,
therefore, when I received
an invitation titled,
“Make Informed Decisions:
Achieve Goals with Metrics
and KPIs.” What are KPIs,
you ask? Well, let me
tell you. And not only that,
will you go with me?
To the above-captioned
event? It promises
to be delicious!
And informative.

• • •


Thursday, June 8, 2017


The Super Nice Guy

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Just met a super nice guy
with a close-cropped beard
and really chill glasses
and a slightly rumpled shirt.

He was kind of smiling
or at least grinning
knowingly, making
everyone feel at ease

or at least included
in something more chill
than they would be able
to be included in on their own.

And that was enough,
that and his frayed jeans
and suede chukkas,
to make him not the center

of the social scene,
not permanently, but one
gravitational point
in the social scene—for now.

• • •

Poet in the World

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Jesus, must I
always be munching
the nether teats
of Corporate America?
Must I always be
a floundering
Or will the brights
of your grace fix
my hooves in
place, both
my clicking hooves
and my cloven?
Maybe I’m too hard
to pin down, God,
or to make much of—
maybe too doughy
or doe-eyed.

• • •

Spoken Word Poem

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Bananas are bananas are
bananas are
my parents who don’t
get what I do online or let’s face it
offline because they are bananas or
parents or
always offline always on
meds always off topic always on
the way to the store or on the way home
my parents, my


and when I see them my heart
and my mind turn to
bananas the
bananas of my youth
of running around underfoot or

riding my bike to the parents
to the
bananas to school to Star Wars
lunchbox and isn’t it the same way with


you and me

we are always online always
searching seeking looking trying-to-find
not finding not locating not
knowing who
we are

because let’s face it

because that’s the way we were

“that’s just the way it is
some things will never change”
ah but
don’t you believe them

Hey little boy
where are your parents

are your


• • •


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Is it okay just to draw a chair,
my daughter asks. No, of course
not, I reply; you must draw
everything you see and always
be drawing. But papa, she says,

a chair is what I see today.
Then draw everything
in the chair, the chair as
everything, I reply, triumphantly,
for I am the father here.

She lowers her head
sensing this is beyond her.
She wants to draw with pen
a papasan, to find the shadows
in its cushion, delineate

the tension in its torqued
bamboo, to capture the frugal
comfort of such a thing
with no thought otherwise—
and in her finished work

I perceive neither the world’s
sorrows nor a symbol of first
world appropriation but just
the chair my daughter sees today
and has seen fit to draw.

• • •


Google Maps

Friday, May 19, 2017

Sorry if the
pin I dropped
on your address
pierced down through
the ceiling and
into your

Actually I
hope it did.

• • •